June 17 – 19, 2019

Westin Chicago River North


HI2 is about strategically seeing the changing future of healthcare. By bringing together innovative business models, disruptive new players, talented executives and private equity, we aim to be a driving force behind change in healthcare.


The U.S. healthcare system is early into a 20+ year shift away from fee-for-service towards a value-based, consumer-oriented system. Much of this change will originate outside of the existing provider ecosystem – from disrupters. We see a big opportunity for a conference to bring together disrupters and equity capital, to help fuel the massive change ahead.


HI2 is designed to attract the most forward-thinking leaders across healthcare – those who are envisioning the future and driving change to get there. Two core audiences will attend: growing healthcare service companies (disrupters, providers and suppliers) and private equity, enabling them to efficiently meet. The third group who is vital to HI2 is deal facilitators (lenders, I-banks, legal, accountants, valuation, due diligence, consulting, and executive search).



HI2 will be the only conference exclusively serving growing healthcare service companies and private equity. There are others that have much broader audiences, others that only serve private equity, others that serve smaller innovators and venture capital, but only HI2 serves healthcare service companies and private equity.

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