September 27 - 29, 2021

Fairmont Chicago Millennium Park



HI2 aims to change the U.S. healthcare system faster. At 18% of GDP and rising, and 30-40% waste – our system sorely needs change. The good news is change has begun – towards value and consumerism. Much of this change is being driven from outside of the traditional healthcare services ecosystem – from new, disruptive players.

HI2’s goal is to share these new disruptive business models with leading private equity investors, providers and payers, thereby stimulating more investment, more learning and faster change in our system.


HI2 is designed to attract the best and brightest in healthcare – the most influential players driving change in healthcare, and the investors who are fueling that change. Two core audiences attend: growing healthcare service companies (disruptors, providers, payers and service companies) and private equity, The third group who is vital to HI2 is deal related services.


“Great job of bringing together potential investment prospects in a very manageable environment, and creating intimate and positive ways to connect with them.”

John Hennegan, Partner, Shore Capital Partners


HI2 is the only conference exclusively serving growing healthcare service companies and private equity. There are others that have much broader audiences, others that only serve private equity, others that serve smaller innovators and venture capital, but only HI2 serves healthcare service companies and private equity.

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