Where Innovation, Talent & Capital Change the Future of Healthcare

In the wake of the Covid pandemic, the pace of change in healthcare has accelerated – and opportunity is plentiful. For innovators, change agents and forward-thinking investors in healthcare services, HI2 is a time to connect, learn, question, invest and help your company grow – in person.






HI2 is designed to attract the best and brightest in healthcare – the most influential players driving change in healthcare, and the investors who are fueling that change. Two core audiences attend: growing healthcare service companies (disruptors, providers, payers and service companies) and private equity. The third group who is vital to HI2 is deal related services.


HI2 is the only conference exclusively serving growing healthcare service companies and private equity. There are others that have much broader audiences, others that only serve private equity, others that serve smaller innovators and venture capital, but only HI2 serves healthcare service companies and private equity.