September 27 - 29, 2021

Fairmont Chicago Millennium Park


Lincoln Healthcare Leadership’s mission is to help improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the U.S. healthcare system. We achieve this through best-in-class conferences that inspire and equip providers to be exceptional in their leadership, strategy and innovation. With HI2, we’re excited to apply our twenty years of experience in understanding healthcare trends and models towards catalyzing broader system-wide change.

Our Conference Portfolio

HI2 Leadership Team

Tim Craig
VP Education
Jim Kovac
VP Partnerships, Healthcare & Private Equity
Amy Rafael
VP Marketing
Miriam Adams
Senior Conference Manager
Julie Fortunato
Director, Finance & Strategic Planning

“I walked away with more connections from HI2 than I do from many other events. HI2 offered a good cross section of healthcare services and healthcare technology companies combined with an efficient and organized way to meet them. They struck a productive balance between industry education and banking.”

Cal Wheaton
General Partner
ABS Capital Partners

2021 Partners