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General Sessions .

Monday, June 12 | 3:00 - 3:45 PM

Opening Keynote: Innovative Technology Transforming Care Delivery in the Home

Featured Speaker: Vin Gupta, MD

Dr. Vin Gupta goes by many titles – physician, pundit, epidemiologist, advisor, visionary. But it’s his current role as Chief Medical Officer of New Products that is contributing to Amazon’s position at the forefront of a movement to bring advanced healthcare technology into the home – and by extension raising the stature of the home as the future setting of care delivery. In this opening keynote, Dr. Gupta will describe how there are a confluence of factors helping accelerate technology innovation in healthcare, including case studies of emerging, transformative technologies that are changing how, when, where and by whom care is delivered.

Vin Gupta, MD
CMO, New Products
Tuesday, June 13 | 8:00 - 8:45 AM

CEO Panel: Growth and Innovation in a Managed Care World

Four leading home care providers will discuss the headwinds, tailwinds and emerging opportunities impacting growth strategies in the current home care environment, including MA penetration, labor pressures, delegated-risk and emerging competition. We’ll address how these phenomena influence the near-term growth outlook, best practices for persevering in a tight labor economy, and how to find the right balance between value-based reimbursement traditional fee-for-service.

Tim Craig
Managing Director, HI2
Andrew Agwunabi LinkedIn
Andy Agwunobi, MD
CenterWell Home Health
Barb Jacobsmeyer
President & CEO
Enhabit Home Health & Hospice
Andrew Molosky
Chapters Health System
Scott Powers - April 2023
Scott Powers
Elara Caring
Tuesday, June 13 | 8:45 - 9:15 AM

The Intersection of Value-Based Payment and Home Care

Featured Speaker: Patrick Conway, MD

Where does home care fit into value-based care? Who better to answer this question than Dr. Patrick Conway, one of the founders of CMS-directed value-based care modeling. With more than a decade of hands-on experience in the creation of new payment architecture – within CMMI, BCBS and now Optum – Patrick will share his vision for the role (and future) of value-creation and risk-based reimbursement in the greater home care continuum, including partnerships between providers and MA plans, as well as CMMI-led models and the opportunities they create for shared-, delegated-, and fully owned-risk.

Patrick Conway - 200px SQ
Patrick Conway, MD
CEO, Care Solutions
Tuesday, June 13 | 1:00 - 1:40 PM

The Collaboration Opportunity: Aligning Incentives between Plans and Providers

Featured Speaker: Sachin Jain, MD

As the pioneer of many new opportunities in healthcare – particularly in the home – Dr. Sachin Jain will share the payer’s perspective on new, unexplored and underserved gaps in care delivery; how this translates to provider services in the home; and what the avenues are for crafting mutually beneficial, shared-risk arrangements between Medicare Advantage plans and home care providers.

Sachin Jain, MD
SCAN Group and Health Plan
Anna Haghgooie
Anna Haghgooie
Operating Partner
Valtrius (WCAS)
Wednesday, June 14 | 8:00 - 8:40 AM

Retail Health and Home: Walgreens’ Vision for the Future of Consumer-Focused Healthcare

Featured Speaker: Kevin Ban, MD

Walgreens is amping up healthcare services and in the process disrupting traditional means of care delivery. Chief Medical Officer Kevin Ban, MD, will highlight two of Walgreens’ high-profile majority investments (VillageMD, a value-based primary care organization and leading stakeholder in Direct Contracting/Reach ACO; and CareCentrix, a home health benefits management company) to frame out the company’s grand vision for integrating retail health and home care; advancing innovative technology; and driving value at scale across a national care-delivery network.

Kevin Ban-200px
Kevin Ban, MD
Global Chief Medical Officer
Wednesday, June 14 | 11:20 AM - 12:00 PM

A Keynote Conversation with Andy Slavitt

Featured Speaker: Andy Slavitt

Combine Washington insider with home care investor, and you get a unique vision for the future of care delivery in the home. Optum Ventures’ Laura Veroneau will engage Andy on where he sees growth opportunities in the expanding home care sector, including hospital at home, supplemental MA benefits, state-funded HCBS services, the future of purpose-built venture-backed models, and the role he foresees for CMMI as a catalyst for home care innovation.

Andy_Slavitt2-SQ 200
Andy Slavitt
Founder & General Partner
Town Hall Ventures
Laura Veroneau - LinkedIn200px
Laura Veroneau
Managing Partner
Optum Ventures

Growth Opps .

Eight panel discussions among providers and investors on high-growth areas impacting the future of home care.
Tuesday, June 13 | 9:35 – 10:15 AM

In-Home Physician-Led Services: The Holy Grail of In-Home Care

A new pillar of home care is emerging around in-home physician-directed primary care for patients with chronic conditions. We’ll break down PE’s investment in this space, capitated MA-led reimbursement, and the various forms of partnership with home care providers (including shared savings).

Dan Gebremedhin, MD
Flare Capital Partners
Franke Elliott
Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer
Bloom Healthcare
James Lydiard
Chief Strategy Officer
Justin Zaghi, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Tuesday, June 13 | 9:35 - 10:15 AM

Hospice and Value-Based Care: A Burgeoning Relationship

VBID and Reach ACO are transforming hospice and end-of-life care reimbursement. We will explore how providers are navigating these two value-based models, including better outcomes and at times better rate structures, and take a look at how value is impacting the hospice M&A outlook.

Ronan McIntosh LinkedIn200px
Ronan McIntosh
Revelstoke Capital Partners
Davis_Carla_LHC Group
Carla Davis
SVP, Hospice
LHC Group (Optum)
Jeanne Kalvaitis
EVP, Hospice Operations
Enhabit Home Health & Hospice
Bryan Wysong
SVP Operational Performance, High Acuity Services
VITAS Healthcare
Tuesday, June 13 | 10:25 – 11:05 AM

The New MA-Convener Partnership Model: Bridging the Gap between Payer and Provider

In this session we’re demystifying the role of the MA “convener” by exploring what it takes to create a sustainable relationship between payer and provider that’s not just about utilization management - but focuses instead on preferred networks, volume thresholds and rewarding performance.

Bentley_Fred_ATI Advisory200px
Fred Bentley
Managing Director
ATI Advisory
Chris Bradbury
Integrated Home Care Services
Friedell_Andy_The Helper Bees
Andy Friedell
The Helper Bees
Bruce Greenstein
EVP, Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer
LHC Group
Tuesday, June 13 | 10:25 - 11:05 AM

Behavioral Health at Home: Where Need Meets Innovation

We’ll take a close look at the recent spike in in-home behavioral health models – including depression, anxiety and substance abuse, among others – and discuss their structure; financing; payer mix; and growth potential.

Rudsenske_Todd_Webster Equity Partners
Todd Rudsenske
Webster Equity Partners
Renee Coughlin VNA Ohio-LinkedIn
Renee Coughlin
VP, Service Development
VNA Health Group
Joe Cramer
President, Behavioral Health & Hospice
Elara Caring
Natalie Pagoria
Chief Medical Officer-Home Health and Innovation
Tuesday, June 13 | 3:15 – 3:55 PM

Family Caregivers: New Workforce, New Opportunity

With a growing demand and need for workers, we’ll discuss emerging initiatives by states and MCOs to credential and compensate family caregivers; and the potential for a new business line for home care providers themselves to become conveners of family caregiving.

Green Campbell LinkedIn
Green Campbell
The Firmament Group
Nate Cohn LinkedIn200px
Nate Cohn
Managing Director
Maxine Hartranft
Regional Director
Consumer Direct Care Network
Sczepanski_Bill_Team Select
Bill Sczepanski
VP, Government Relations
Team Select
Tuesday, June 13 | 4:05 – 4:45 PM

Accelerating PACE: A Program Ripe for Growth

We’ll break down the economics of the full-capitation care model behind PACE (Program for All-Inclusive Care of the Elderly), including where it’s growing and how, as well as an ROI analysis that shows the PACE opportunity for home health and hospice providers with an appetite for risk.

JMHuray_work photo200px
Matt Huray
Chief Growth Officer
Stephen Gordon, MD
Edenbridge Health
Robbie Pottharst200px
Robbie Pottharst
Founder & CEO
myPlace Health
Ward_Phillip_Community Hospice
Philip Ward
President & CEO
Community Hospice & Palliative Care
Wednesday, June 14 | 9:00 – 9:40 AM

Hospital at Home: Navigating the Economics of High Acuity Home Care

Acute care at home is here to stay. We will review the recent CMS waiver extension and unpack the full extent of this growth opportunity, including market factors required for success, the need for longitudinal in-home care, the role of remote-monitoring, and payment models beyond CMS.

Ian Chiang
Flare Capital
Ross Armstrong LinkedIn
Ross Armstrong
Chief Commercial Officer
Jared Conley200px
Jared Conley, MD, Ph.D
AD, Healthcare Transformation Lab
Mass. General Hospital
Lisa Fry
Lisa Fry
President, Value-Based Care
SCP Health
Wednesday, June 14 | 9:00 - 9:40 AM

The Business of Expanded Supplemental MA Benefits: Transportation, Meals & More

A whole new set of service lines are emerging in the wake of CMS’s push to expand MA reimbursement for non-clinical services. We’ll discuss the macro-economics of “Supplemental Benefits” and walk through contracting with MA plans in areas such as transportation, palliative care and meal delivery.

Rachel Kern200px
Rachel Kern
Vice President
First Trust Capital Partners
Josh Itano LinkedIn200px
Josh Itano
Ipyana Spencer
Chief Health Officer
Meals on Wheels America
Karl Ulfers

Leading Innovators .

Forward thinking companies in the home care space that have developed innovative initiatives that place them at the forefront of their respective sectors.
Tuesday, June 13 | 11:35 – 11:44 AM

ConcertoCare: In-Home Complex Care Management

This next-gen provider company combines palliative, primary care and PACE to deliver integrated home care for seniors with the help of proprietary technology and an interdisciplinary care team, including physicians, nurses, pharmacists, health coaches, behavioralists and social workers.

Julian Harris, MD
Chairman and CEO
Tuesday, June 13 | 11:35 - 11:44 AM

Careforth: Family Caregiver Support

This Boston based caregiver company is tackling the workforce crisis by empowering and enabling family caregivers to provide care at home. Careforth will share their playbook for supporting caregivers, including how home care providers can replicate this model.

Matthew Marek
President & CEO
Tuesday, June 13 | 11:45 – 11:54 AM

Lyft: Non Emergency Medical Transportation

This national rideshare company is focused on removing transportation barriers and accessing MA supplemental benefit offerings. They’ll outline the business opportunity of medical transportation, contracting with MA Plans and Medicaid, and partnering with home care providers.

Buck Poropatich
Head of Healthcare
Tuesday, June 13 | 11:45 - 11:54 AM

Humana Home Solutions: At the Forefront of Integrating Care

This leading pay-vider has built out a comprehensive suite of care delivery capabilities with a large footprint of senior focused primary care practices and one of the largest home health companies in the nation. In this session, they’ll describe their next top priority: coordinating care across the continuum to enable patients to remain healthy and at home by integrating care through advances in analytics, digital capabilities and flexible staffing models.

Mona New Background
Mona Siddiqui, MD
SVP, Clinical Operations
Tuesday, June 13 | 11:55 AM – 12:04 PM

Lifespark: Global Risk in Senior Care

This former personal care company has fully embraced population health in its quest to become a provider of “whole person senior care.” They’ll describe how they’ve evolved into a pioneer in comprehensive global-risk, at-home care through innovations in culture, technology and care models.

Joel Theisen
Tuesday, June 13 | 11:55 AM - 12:04 PM

VillageMD: Home-Based Primary Care

Best known for in-person clinics, this physician-focused care delivery arm of Walgreens is stealthily becoming a major force in at-home physician-led services. They’ll share their home-based primary care model – built on a Reach ACO chassis – including integration opportunities with other providers.

Andrea Osborne
SVP, ACO Operations & Delegated Services
Tuesday, June 13 | 12:05 – 12:14 PM

MedArrive: In Home Behavioral Health

Two startups have teamed up to provide at-home virtual behavioral health services. MedArrive, a mobile-integrated care management company, will share how its partnership with virtual-first Brave Health is designed to address the behavioral needs of Medicaid populations.

Rocky-Peter cropped
Rocky Samuel, MD
Chief Clinical Officer
Tuesday, June 13 | 12:05 PM - 12:14 PM

Monogram Health: In-Home Kidney Care

This venture-backed vertical is helping carve out a new in-home service line for value-based kidney and polychronic care. This session will detail the economics of an in-home renal care business, including shared-risk arrangements with Medicare Advantage plans.

Michael Uchrin
Co-Founder & CEO

Emerging Pioneers & Disruptors .

A curated assortment of young companies whose business models foretell the future of home care delivery.
Wednesday, June 14 | 10:15 – 10:25 AM

PurposeCare: Dual-Eligible Home Care

Leverages caregivers in the home to identify changes in patient’s condition to enable timely clinical intervention to dually eligible Medicare and Medicaid patients.

Rich Keller LinkedIn
Rich Keller
Wednesday, June 14 | 10: 15 - 10:25 AM

Upward Health: Home-Based Primary Care Targeting High-Risk Populations

A multidisciplinary medical group that provides 24/7 in-home access to whole-person care, through a provider team that can address physical, behavioral, and social health needs.

Glen Moller Enhanced
Glen Moller
Wednesday, June 14 | 10:25 – 10:35 AM

Vesta Healthcare: Tech-Enabled In-Home Care Management

A “Homecareist” model that supports preventive intervention and avoids unnecessary hospitalizations to manage high-risk patients.

Randy Klein
Wednesday, June 14 | 10:25 - 10:35 AM

Empassion: In-Home Advanced Illness Management

An ACO REACH managed service organization that allows home care providers to access benefit enhancements and shared savings.

Terri Maxwell
Chief Clinical Officer
Wednesday, June 14 | 10:35 – 10:45 AM

NourishedRx: Home Delivery Meal Program

Tapping into a health plan’s nutritional supplemental benefit to support members by educating and delivering medically tailored food to their homes.

Spencer Pratt Enhanced
Spencer Pratt
VP, Growth & Strategy
Wednesday, June 14 | 10:35 - 10:45 AM

Inbound Health: Hospital-at-Home/SNF-at-Home

Enablement platform for payers and health systems to launch and scale hospital and skilled nursing at home service lines to deliver home based acute care.

Crist_Julia_Allina Health
Julia Crist
Founder & COO
Wednesday, June 14 | 10:45 – 10:55 AM

Naborforce: Community-Care Support Network

On-demand assistance for older adults that bridges the gap between full independence and private duty care.

Paige Wilson
Wednesday, June 14 | 10:45 - 10:55 AM

myLaurel Health: In-Home Mobile Response

On-demand at-risk home solutions to prevent acute care utilization for the highly complexed and frail populations.

Marcy Carty HI RES image
Marcy Carty, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Wednesday, June 14 | 10:55 – 11:05 AM

IntusCare: Data-Driven PACE Management Platform

Scalable technology platform that predicts patient risks and identities patterns to determine PACE eligibility.

Robbie Felton LinkedIn200px
Robbie Felton
Wednesday, June 14 | 10:50 – 10:59 AM

CareScout: Preferred Referral Network

Qualified referral network that pairs patients (mostly long-term care insurance members) with providers based on pre-screened performance standards.

Timothy Peck MD-HEADSHOT 200px
Timothy Peck, MD

Technology Showcase .

Emerging Home Care Technologies on the Leading Edge of Innovation, Inspiration & Efficiency.
Monday, June 12 | 3:50 - 3:58 PM

Neteera: Contactless RPM

A wall-mounted RPM sensor that uses radar detection to continuously track cardio and respiratory vital signs as a means of longitudinal monitoring and early intervention.

Joe Zaccaria
Director, Strategic Relations
Monday, June 12 | 3:50 - 3:58 PM

Caribou: Caregiver Rewards & Recognition

An app-based platform in which caregivers are incentivized to achieve and earn “micro bonus” rewards as a means of bolstering staff engagement and retention.

Oosterveen_Alex_Caribou Rewards200px
Alex Oosterveen
Co-Founder & CEO
Monday, June 12 | 3:59 - 4:07 PM

Element5: Process Automation

Back-office software powered by AI and robotic process automation (RPA) to streamline common repetitive operations such as claims authorization and compliance audits.

Paul O’Donnell
Channel Manager
Monday, June 12 | 3:59 - 4:07 PM

Paradox AI: AI-enabled Conversational Recruiting

Candidate-engagement software for mobile that uses common language “Conversational AI” to reduce the hiring process down to real-time, on-demand interviewing, screening and hiring.

Joshua Secrest
VP, Client Advocacy
Monday, June 12 | 4:08 - 4:16 PM

WellSky: Predictive Analytics

Analysis software that mines large data sets to predict clinical patient outcomes that can be used by providers to streamline decisions about care settings, re-hospitalization, mortality risk, and more.

Wes Little Enhanced
Wes Little
Chief Analytics Officer
General Manager WellSky Home
Monday, June 12 | 4:08 - 4:16 PM

Perry: Caregiver Engagement

An app-based platform designed to incentivize professional home-based caregivers through rewards for quality of care, retention and recruitment.

Dean ZimbergSQ
Dean Zimberg
Monday, June 12 | 4:17 - 4:25 PM

Sandata: Enhanced Billing Module

A software suite for EVV that combines mobile, phone and fixed visit verification that syncs with billing and payroll to ensure seamless, timely Medicaid reimbursement.

Steve Pellito
Steve Pellito
SVP Sales
Monday, June 12 | 4:17 - 4:25 PM

connectRN: On-demand Nurse Recruitment

An Uber-like app-based recruitment tool designed around on-demand, flexible scheduling for both last-minute shifts and overall recruitment efficiency.

Cora Jaulin ConnectRN LinkedIn
Cora Jaulin
VP Home Health
Monday, June 12 | 4:26 - 4:34 PM

AlayaCare: APIs & Interoperability

Software “bridges” using Application Program Interfaces (APIs) to seamlessly synchronize data (and ensure interoperability) across EHRs, applications and third-party platforms.

Andrew McDonald 200px
Andrew McDonald
Chief Product and Technology Officer
Monday, June 12 | 4:26 - 4:34 PM

Ava: Caregiver Rewards

A software suite designed to optimize caregiver behavior and help agencies increase billable hours and pre-onboarding to active employment.

Victor Hunt Ava200px
Victor Hunt
CEO, Co-Founder
Monday, June 12 | 4:35 - 4:43 PM

Select Data: AI-enabled Document Processing

Back-office software using Natural Language Processing (NLP) to automate document processing and reduce manual labor in the areas of coding and clinical accuracy.

Buckley_Ed_Select Data200px
Ed Buckley
CEO & President
Monday, June 12 | 4:35 - 4:43 PM

Apploi: App-based Recruitment

This app-based recruitment software optimizes the process of attracting, hiring and managing caregiving staff by reducing days-to-hire, tracking credentialing and streamlining onboarding.

Natalie Lambert 200px
Natalie Lambert
Chief Revenue Officer
Monday, June 12 | 4:44 - 4:52 PM Care Team Communications

A mobile- and app-based platform to streamline communications among patient, family, clinicians and caregivers to enable faster decision-making, earlier interventions, and improved risk management.

Asif Kahn
Co-Founder & CEO
Monday, June 12 | 4:44 - 4:52 PM

BetterRX: Connected RX Platform

Technology solution that utilizes artificial intelligence to streamline hospice pharmacy service through e-prescribing and eliminates medication delays.

Ben Clarke
Ben Clarke

Deal Talk .

Seven panel discussions for home care buyers and sellers with expert insights on the factors affecting dealmaking.
Tuesday, June 13 | 9:35 – 10:15 AM

Home Care M&A Strategies that Align with Value-Based Care

A look at home care investment opportunities for provider organizations migrating toward value-based care. We’ll explore both CMMI pilots and purpose-built models for Medicare Advantage to understand where the greatest growth potential lies within value-oriented in-home care delivery.

Ting Gu200px
Ting Gu
Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe (WCAS)
Ryan Blaney Headshot
Ryan Blaney
Proskauer Rose
Braff_Dexter_The Braff Group200px
Dexter Braff
The Braff Group
Jed Chaney LinkedIn
Jed Cheney
Tuesday, June 13 | 10:25 - 11:05 AM

Exploring Exit Options: Strategics, Private Equity or Other?

From minority share to IPO, a look at who’s investing in today’s home care market and why, and how each option impacts the seller. This session will provide sellers the insights needed to execute the right exit strategy to yield the best value for your home care business.

Ankeet Patel -Shore Capital200px
Ankeet Patel
Shore Capital Partners
Brandon Breslow LinkedIn
Brandon Breslow
Houlihan Lokey
David Cox-Web200px
David Cox
Bass, Berry & Sims
© Bryce Vickmark. All rights reserved. 617.448.6758
Kevin Palamara
Managing Director
Provident Health Care Partners
Tuesday, June 13, 3:15 – 3:55 PM

The Art of Structuring a Home Care Deal in a Down Economy

Deal volume is down, trepidation is high – yet M&A must still move forward. We’ll spell out the critical role that deal-services firms play in helping navigate buyers and sellers through the current environment of interest-rate fluctuations, due diligence and recession fears.

Brown_Scott_The Edgewater Funds New
Scott Brown
Senior Partner
The Edgewater Funds
Steve Glenn LinkedIn200px
Steve Glenn
ARF Financial
David Marks
Holland & Knight
Cory Mertz-2023-200px
Cory Mertz
Managing Partner
Mertz Taggart
Tuesday, June 13 | 3:15 – 3:55 PM

Your Talent Strategy: It Can Make or Break a Deal

What every seller needs to know about the investor view toward leadership – and how it’s never been valued more than it is today. This session will discuss five competencies that leaders need to possess to garner the attention of investors.

Eric Scharber
Managing Principal, SVP Talent Solutions
Vince Baiere
Vince Baiera
Straightaway, a Relias Company
Ross_Jackson_Buffkin Baker
Jackson Ross
Buffkin Baker
Angelo Spinola
Practice Chair Home Health, Home Care and Hospice
Tuesday, June 13 | 4:05 – 4:45 PM

Closing the Valuation Chasm: Reconciling Buyers & Sellers

A candid look at current valuations to understand how they align with market conditions and the impact they’re having on the timing of exits. We’ll discuss the impact of inflation, when (if ever) valuations will bounce back up, and what it takes to get buyers and sellers to agree to meet in the middle.

Katz_Hal_Husch Blackwell
Hal Katz
Husch Blackwell
Brandon Ballew
Ken Benton
Chad Hooker LinkedIn 200px
Chad Hooker
Fulcrum Equity Partners
Tuesday, June 13 | 4:05 – 4:45 PM

The Ideal “Tech Stack”: What Buyers Seek and Why it Matters

Why today’s core competencies include advanced data systems and management, and why it makes a difference to dealmakers. The session will detail the importance of modernized technology as a way to attract potential investors as well as the success of post-closing integration.

Aabed Meer, MD
Questa Capital
Chiara Bell
Care Heroes
Sundar Kanan LinkedIn
Sundar Kannan
CEO & President
Joe Widmar LinkedIn200px
Joe Widmar
Senior Manager
West Monroe
Elliott Wood
President & CEO
Wednesday, June 14, 9:00 – 9:40 AM

Post-Close Integration: The Hardest Part of the Deal

M&A doesn’t stop at “the close”. We’ll unpack why post-close integration - despite being overlooked - is vital to the success of the deal, and what it takes to bring to fruition aligned vision, accelerated growth and digital transformation.

Peter Dahms
Senior Director
Oxford Finance
Curt Gendron
Lisa Mathews LinkedIn
Lisa Ann Mathews
Director-Healthcare Transaction Advisory Services
Berkeley Research Group (BRG)
Matt Murphy LinkedIn200px
Matt Murphy
InHome Therapy

Our Partners .

Partners at HI2 are leaders in their respective service areas and represent a critical piece of the home care growth engine.


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