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General Sessions .

Tuesday, June 21 | 8:00 to 8:50 am

White Hot Home Care: What’s Driving Growth and Will it Last?

All roads lead home. After two years of pandemic-era healthcare, it’s clear Covid has been a boon to home-based care delivery. SNF therapy shifted home; personal care picked up AL business; and CMS is testing acute care at home. Collectively, these tailwinds are driving up valuations and feeding an investment frenzy. But home has its challenges, too, including staffing, Medicare Advantage and new competition. In this opening HI2 session, we look at the greater home care sector and ask: Which subsegments of home care are most promising; what external forces are most impactful; and who is leading the charge when it comes to driving innovation and opportunity in the future?

Tim Craig

Managing Director
Dexter W. Braff
The Braff Group
Chris GraberSQ
Chris Graber
Waud Capital
Kris Novak
Senior VP of M&A
Wednesday, June 22 | 8:00 to 8:50 am

Disruptor DNA: A Vision for Home Care Innovation

New care models targeting a niche, or gap, in the healthcare continuum have flooded into the home in the last decade and disrupted conventional healthcare. Now some of those disruptors are flourishing into formidable, billion-dollar companies, which begs the question: Is niche the new norm? Will future growth and innovation in the home reside primarily in PE-backed, purpose-built concepts? We’re taking these questions to the source, by asking our panel of successful “disruptors” and investors how they envision the future of care delivery in the home, including consumer adoption, risk-based reimbursement, private investment, and the role they foresee for conventional home care providers.

Dan Gebremedhin, MD

Flare Capital Partners
Johnson_Chris_Landmark Health
Chris Johnson
Landmark Health
Gregory Porter (The Eisen Group), Michael Franklin (DMIT)
Paul Martino
Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer
Kerry WittyLI
Karey Witty
Managing Director
Valtrius (WCAS)
Wednesday, June 22 | 11:15 - 11:55 AM

A Conversation With Seema Verma

Policy expert. CMS Administrator. PE advisor. ...Seema Verma is uniquely positioned to understand the future of home care. We're sitting down with Seema for a candid conversation about the tailwinds – and headwinds – impacting home care investment. Does CMS really have home care's back? What more can be done to drive care home? Is an unregulated MA industry good for home care, or just good for the payers? Where's the next big home care growth opportunity - behavioral; high acuity; or something else altogether?

Seema Verma
Former CMS Administrator

Growth Sectors .

A provider-led view of the drivers of growth and innovation across high-growth home care sectors.

(The following is a partial list of programming. Please check back for updates.)

Tuesday, June 21 | 9:05 to 9:50 am

Hospice: A Future Defined by Complex Care and Value

Hospice has been an M&A success story. But the outlook going forward is a little less clear. We’ll assess the impact of VBID and managed care contracting, and discuss what a data-driven, complex-care future means for hospice buyers and sellers.

Michelle Pickering

Paradigm Health
Kerry Hamilton
Chief Strategy Officer
Metta Health
Andrew Molosky
President & CEO
Chapters Health System
Nick  Westfall
President & CEO
VITAS Healthcare
Tuesday, June 21 | 9:05 to 9:50 am

Home Health: Focusing on Caregivers, Consolidation and Higher Acuity

Between SNF at Home and hospital-direct admits, the future for most home health providers is bright. We’ll look at the tailwinds and headwinds on the horizon for a sector increasingly dictated by Medicare Advantage and data-driven outcomes.

Lisa Kapp
Advent International
John Kunysz
Intrepid USA Healthcare Services
Powers_Scott_Elara Caring
Scott Powers
Chairman and CEO
Elara Caring
Kohn_Elliot_Elevate Home Health Group
Elliot Kohn
CEO/Managing Partner
Elevate Home Health Group
Tuesday, June 21 | 11:30 am to 12:15 pm

SNF at Home: Seeking the Path (and Payment) for Higher Acuity Rehab

First it was orthopedics, now payers are steering more complex care home. We’ll discuss early models; reimbursement potential (including Choose Home); the profile of a provider capable of higher acuity rehab; and the SNF at Home growth outlook.

Pooja Goel

Virgo Investment Group
natalie.pagoria SQ
Natalie Pagoria, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Home Health & Innovations
Summer Napier
Healing Hands Healthcare
Jackleen Samuel
Co-Founder & CEO
Resilient Healthcare
Tuesday, June 21 | 11:30 am to 12:15 pm

Palliative Care: Expanding Beyond Hospice

As demand for palliative care outside the hospice benefit grows, providers will map out the opportunity (and challenges) of engaging patients earlier, moving care upstream, and capitalizing on value-based care opportunities.

Aabed Meer, MD
Questa Capital
Stern_Todd_SeasonsHospice & Palliative Care
Todd Stern
Executive Vice Chair, CEO of Hospice
Troy Yarborough
Agape Care Group
Susan Ponder-Stansel
President & CEO
Alivia Care
Tuesday, June 21 | 1:15 to 2:00 pm

Hospital at Home: Opportunity, Threat or The Future?

Acute care at home is the future, but what will it take to scale? We’ll look at the growth potential of prevailing models and discuss where the opportunity lies for integrating home health, personal care and hospice services.

Crystal Bloom
Husch Blackwell
Linda Murphy
Concierge Home Care
Drake Jarman
SVP, Growth & Development
Contessa Division of Amedisys
Patty Kentgen
Chief of Client Success
Medically Home
Tuesday, June 21, 1:15 to 2:00 pm

IDD: The First Foray into Behavioral Health at Home

Behavioral health in the US is in crisis – and in-home care may be a big part of the solution. With Intellectual Development and Disability services (IDD) as a case study, we’ll discuss the potential for behavioral health at home, and explore where other opportunities lie.

David Schuppan
Senior Partner & Co-Head of Healthcare
The Vistria Group
Martin FavisSQ
Martin Favis
Mark LashleySQ
Mark Lashley
Mike KotzenSQ
Michael Kotzen
Community Based Care
Wednesday, June 22 | 9:05 to 9:50 am

Personal Care: An Increasingly Critical Piece of the Puzzle

In a world where the longitudinal view of the patient is highly coveted by value-based payers, personal care is having a break-out moment. We’ll discuss how this is impacting provider operations, including tracking social determinants, as well as the rapid uptick in personal care M&A activity.

Natalie Greene
Riverglade Capital
Germano_Alan_Help at Home
Alan Germano
VP, Corporate Development
Help at Home
Ari Medoff
Peter Ross
CEO and Co-Founder
Senior Helpers (Advocate Aurora)
Wednesday, June 22 | 9:05 to 9:50 am

In-Home Physician Services: Fueling the Drive to Value

Primary Care at home is hot, thanks to models purpose-built to bring value to MA plans. We’ll look at the synergies between this and other emerging trends – SNF at Home; Hospital at Home; and ACOs – and the opportunities to collaborate with home health and hospice.

Todd Squilanti
Managing Director
Chris Dodd, MD
Emcara Health
Julian Harris, MD
Chairman & CEO
Iyad HoushanSQ
Iyad Houshan, MD
WellBe Senior Medical

Provider Spotlights .

Standout home care companies whose innovative initiatives place them at the forefront of their respective sectors.

(The following is a partial list of programming. Please check back for updates.)

Tuesday, June 21 | 10:00 to 10:20 am

Community Hospice & Palliative Care

Jacksonville, FL-based Community Hospice is creating an integrated continuum of advanced illness care through PACE and DCE/REACH to meet a broader range of needs for people with increasing acuity.

Phillip Ward

President & CEO
Tuesday, June 21, 10:00 to 10:20 am

VNA Health Group

NJ-based VNA Health Group’s Care Transformation strategy deploys enhanced use of digital, virtual and analytical technology to improve cost and staff efficiency, and well as drive improved clinical outcomes via earlier intervention within specific cohorts.

Steven Landers, MD

President & CEO
Tuesday, June 21, 10:25 to 10:45 am

The Pennant Group

This Idaho-based home health company has turned its deep roots in skilled nursing – it was spun off from Ensign in 2019 – into a high-growth senior care company with a unique entrepreneurial culture.

Randy Todd

VP of Acquisitions
Tuesday, June 21, 10:25 to 10:45 am


Leveraging its reputation as a national provider of advance care planning, Vynca has built a home-based palliative care and telemedicine business to align with value-based care initiatives.

Ryan Van Wert, MD

Tuesday, June 21 | 2:10 to 2:30 pm


Growing exponentially since its launch in 2020 by former Senator Bill Frist, Carebridge partners with payers and providers to coordinate Long Term Services and Support (LTSS) for Managed Medicaid plans.

Mike Tudeen

Tuesday, June 21 | 2:10 to 2:30 pm


With a unique platform of in-home urgent care, Dispatch has built a scalable model with payers and health systems to deliver complex care at home, primarily in support of hospital at home models.

Devin Paullin

Vice President of Commercial Strategy
Tuesday, June 21 | 2:35 to 2:55 pm

Ennoble Care

This hospice and palliative care provider has layered in physician- and NP-led housecalls, as part of a larger strategy defined by proprietary technology and a purpose-built value-based care model.

Kush Das

Tuesday, June 21 | 2:35 to 2:55 pm

US Medical Management

Recently Acquired by Rubicon Founders, Adam Boehler’s healthcare investment firm, USMM deploys “At-Risk” in-home Primary care, Home health, Hospice, mobile allied services, and DME across 11 states

James Lydiard

Chief Strategy Officer
Wednesday, June 22 |10:25 to 10:45 am

24 Hour Home Care

California-based personal care provider 24 Hour Home Care has created a blueprint for delivering supplemental home care benefits to Medicare Advantage members.

Neil Wisecarver

Director of Business Development
Wednesday, June 22 | 10:25 to 10:45 am


Minneapolis-based Lifespark has transformed from a personal care provider into a unique whole person-centered care model designed to align payments and services to reduce total cost of care.

Matt Kinne

Vice President, Growth & Partnerships
Wednesday, June 22 |10:00 to 10:20 am


At the forefront of innovation supporting acute hospital-level care in the home, Biofourmis is pioneering advanced clinical monitoring to facilitate early intervention, reduce costs, improve outcomes and increase staffing efficiencies.

Sheeza Khawar Hussain

Chief Commercial Officer
Wednesday, June 22 |10:00 to 10:20 am


Less than a year after its purchase of Home Instead, the once Silicon Valley startup Honor is putting to bed any question of whether a tech-enabled caregiver network can be a formidable force in personal care.

Seth Sternberg

Co-Founder & CEO

Emerging Innovators .

A curated assortment of young companies whose business models foretell the future of home care delivery.

(The following is a partial list of programming. Please check back for updates.)

Tuesday, June 21, 3:40 to 3:50 pm

Aware Recovery Care: At-Home Addiction Treatment

Brian Holzer, MD

CEO, Aware Recovery Care
Tuesday, June 21, 3:40 to 3:50pm

Duos: Personal Assistants Supporting Seniors at Home

Karl Ulfers

CEO, Duos
Tuesday, June 21 | 3:50 to 4:00 pm

MedArrive: In-Home Care Delivered through EMS and Telehealth

Daniel Trigub

Co-Founder and CEO, MedArrive
Tuesday, June 21 | 3:50 to 4:00 pm

Sprinter Health: Expanding Access to Labs and Preventive Care at Scale

Nick Kirby

VP Partnerships, Sprinter Health
Tuesday, June 21 | 4:00 to 4:10 pm

Homeward: In-Home Senior Care for Rural Communities

Aaron Friedkin, MD

Chief Revenue Officer, Homeward
Tuesday, June 21 | 4:00 to 4:10 pm

WiserCare: Enterprise Software for Advance Care Planning

Arul Thangavel, MD

CEO, WiserCare
Tuesday, June 21 | 4:10 to 4:20 pm

Kara Health: Tech-Enabled End of Life Care for High-Risk Patients

Devan Walia

CEO, Kara Health
Tuesday, June 21 | 4:10 to 4:20 pm

Spect: In-Home Eye Screening Diagnostic Technology

Michael Leung

Co-Founder, Spect
Tuesday, June 21, 4:20 to 4:30pm

Reimagine Care: Home-Centered Cancer Care

Aaron Gerber, MD

CEO, Reimagine Care
Tuesday, June 21 | 4:20 to 4:30 pm

Tomorrow Health: Technology Enabled Home Based Care Marketplace

Shivani Stadvec

Head of Marketing, Tomorrow Health

Capital Strategy .

Fresh perspectives for home care sellers and buyers on everything deal-related, from financing to due diligence.

(The following is a partial list of programming. Please check back for updates.)

Tuesday, June 21, 9:05 to 9:50 AM

The Value of Leadership: What Investors Look for in Top Management

Who’s at the helm? It’s a question investors are considering with greater scrutiny these days before buying a company. We’ll ask those most familiar with the buy side how they evaluate leadership. Is the CEO well respected? What’s their track record for growth? And do they have the requisite DNA to take the company to the next level?

Eric Scharber SQ
Eric Scharber
Managing Principal and SVP, Talent Solutions
Mikel Parker
Head of Investment Banking
AMB Wealth
Bradley_Jen_Buffkin and BakerSQ
Jennifer Bradley
Buffkin Baker
Chad HookerSQ
Chad Hooker
Fulcrum Equity Partners
Tuesday, June 21, 10:00 to 10:45 AM

Data & Dealmaking: Is Yours an Asset or Liability

Data is king in home care. MA needs it. PDGM requires it. And buyers expect it. We'll show how a company's data capabilities are an essential piece of the due diligence process, including its influence on growth potential, buyer interest and ultimately valuation.

Nathan Ray

West Monroe
Ferguson_Scott_ SQ
Scott Ferguson
Wes Little
Chief Analytics Officer
Matt McMurphy
Reliant at Home
Tuesday, June 21, 11:30 to 12:15 AM

Acquisition Integration: Assessing if a Company is a Fit for an Expanding Continuum

As many large buy-side providers build out their breadth of home care services, the task of integrating acquisitions takes on new complexity. It did well as a stand-alone vertical, but is it the right fit for our future strategy? We'll look at the increasingly popular continuum growth strategy and address what both buyer and seller need to consider when reviewing a company's potential integration.

Whitney PhelpsSQ
Whitney Phelps
Don McDaniel-400x400
Don McDaniel
Canton & Company
Chris Hendrickson
Senior Managing Director
Troy PhillipsSQ
Troy Phillips
Tuesday, June 21, 1:15 to 2:00 PM

Increasing Due Diligence in an Uncertain Economy

If market dynamics stay their course, buyers may be sharpening their pencils and assuming a slightly more conservative approach to acquisitions. Translation: due diligence may be ramping up, with closer heed paid to post-pandemic regulatory compliance and staffing strategies.

Bucky High
Angelo Spinola
Shareholder, Practice Co-Chair
© Bryce Vickmark. All rights reserved. 617.448.6758
Kevin Palamara
Managing Director
Provident Healthcare
Jim GlynnJetHealthLI
Jim Glynn
Founder & Chairman
Jet Health, Inc.
Tuesday, June 21, 2:10 to 2:55 PM

The Changing Landscape of Payer Mix and Reimbursement - How it Impacts M&A

Managed care is growing - which means reimbursement is not. We'll analyze what this means for Medicare- and Medicaid-dependent providers; which asset classes it impacts most; how it could impact valuations; and whether portfolio diversification is the best strategy to shelter from reimbursement pressures.

Ryan HalsteadSQ
Ryan Halsted
Marwood Group
Higgins_Kieran_Citrin Cooperman
Kieran Higgins
Advisory Director
Citrin Cooperman
John Arnold
Brandon Ballew
Wednesday, June 22, 9:05 to 9:50 AM

The Valuation Dance - Getting Buyer & Seller on the Same Price Page

Seller valuations are notoriously lofty. But in today's frothy market, buyers are willing to pay big - that is, if sellers are on their game. We'll break down common valuation hits and misses, with a focus on what matters most to sellers, including securing a talent stream, future revenue plans, and ironclad clinical compliance.

David Berman May 2022-SQ
David Berman
Managing Principal and EVP
Cory Mertz - LI-SQ
Cory Mertz
Managing Director
Mertz Taggart
Brice_Preston_Grant Avenue Capital
Preston Brice
Grant Avenue Capital
Stephen Phenneger
President & CFO
St. Croix Hospice
Wednesday, June 22, 10:00 - 10:45 AM

Beyond Price - How Culture and Talent are Key to Deal Success

Price is king - but it's the intangibles that often define the fate of a deal. We'll unpack three key considerations and explain why they matter: Do buyer and seller have the same growth objectives? Are company cultures aligned and compatible? And is management really ready for new ownership?

Jed Cheney
Kristofer Blohm
Managing Director
Kaufman Hall
MMutka from website-SQ
Mike Mutka
Chief Strategy Officer & Co-Founder
Sarah MartelSQ
Sarah Martel
Market Leader – Midwest
The Pennant Group

Our Partners .

Partners at HI2 are leaders in their respective service areas and represent a critical piece of the home care growth engine.


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